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OSM Gizycko is the modern dairy production plant based in the heart of the most ecological area of Poland – Polish Green Lungs. We were established in 1945. Company introduced standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP system. We have modern production lines fully accepted with EU restrictions, physicochemical and microbiological laboratory performing the necessary tests of raw material and completed products.Our long-term production experience and the highest raw milk quality (we buy only class extra) provide excellent customers satisfaction. In 2008 we were choosen the best dairy company in Poland by Agrotrendy magazine.


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Our company was found in the 1945. Only 11 people were employed that time. Production was manual, our main product was butter.

Next years were time of permanent development. Another buildings were built, we introduced new products. In the fifties OSM Gizycko was producing: hard cheese, cottage cheese, butter and skim milk powder.

Years 1974 1976 were very important to our history. The main production plant was rebuilt. New milk powder factory and new cottage cheese production line were constructed. We also built the car-wash to improve our delivery conditions.

The first board meeting took place in 1981. The name OSM Gizycko was introduced during the meeting.

In the year 1999 and 2000 we purchased Regional Dairy Plant in Szczytno and Regional Dairy Plant in Wegorzewo. OSM Gizycko was growing every year our position in the dairy industry was becoming stronger.

Company is based in the Polish Green Lungs. Ecology is one of our priorities. That was the main reason to introduce new production environmental devices in 2000. At the same time two modern production lines were constructed.

The plant refurbishment took place in the year 2002. The new milk collection plant was installed. New cooling place was also built which improved raw material storing conditions.

Year 2004 we were classified as a company eligible to trade in the area of EU. We have got all the documents required to sell our products to other continents.

At the present we employ 370 people. We offer wide range of dairy products. Our production capabilities are flexible it means that we can fully come up to customers expectations and easily can manage with their fancy orders.



11-500 Giżycko,
ul. Białostocka 25




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